An holiday in the residence of the Doge and movies/photos shooting in one of the most beautiful historic garden in Europe. Villa Barbarigo Pizzoni Ardemani,? a Veneto’s Villa with one of the most beautiful and important baroque garden in the world, opens to hospitality and becomes the site of unforgettable vacations, where history, art, beauty and excellence blend together.


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Situated in one of the valley of the Euganei’s hills, the “Valle di Sant’Eusebio” (from which the name of the Ancient Village, ‘Valsanzibio’), in the heart of the “Parco dei Colli Euganei”, an uncontaminated National Park 18 km South-West from the city of Padova, in the middle of a region full of thermal springs and well-known for health-related tourism (Abano, Montegrotto, Battaglia e Galzignano Terme), in the center of the rich North-East of Italy, bordering the first Golf Club of the region (the 27 holes ‘Golf Club di Padova’),this is one of the foremost historical property in the Veneto area.

The Villa and its monumental garden, designed by Luigi Bernini and cited on every information’ sites as well as on Wikipedia, were built in the 17th century by one of the most important and wealthy Venetian’s family, the Barbarigo.

Until the mid XIX century reachable by water trough channel crossing the Valley of Saint’Eusebio, this magnificent place was thought not only like a holiday residence of the Doge, the Prime Member of the Venetian Republic, but rather as a monument to the Barbarigo’s might as well as a special tribute to God in consequence of a solemn ‘vow’ made by one exponent of this family.

The magical allegorical garden they created, unchanged trough the centuries, is considered an Italian National treasure since it is one of the most beautiful and important historic garden in the world (voted in 2003 as the most beautiful garden in Italy and in 2007 as the third most beautiful in Europe).

RENTING of the VILLA and/or the GARDEN
for holidays, events, shootings…

Rent Villa Barbarigo for exclusive holidays

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The Residence of the Doge in a 9 hectares worldwide famous historic garden with a private pool area and bordering a 27 holes Golf Court.

Rent the square of the revelations for exclusive events

The Square of the Revelations represents the final goal of the allegorical path of salvation. This fascinating square can be the wonderful location where organize many types of events for relatives, friends or clients.

Swimming pool area

The Swimming pool area can be rented out together with the main Villa or, if available, it can be reserved independently to organize, by day or by night, gatherings, parties and more.

Lunch and dinner in the Villa

An opportunity to reserve lunch and dinner in the Villa preceded by a private guided tour of the Monumental Garden

‘Aperitivo’ in front of the Villa

An opportunity to book guided visits of the Monumental Garden finishing with a deligtheful ‘Aperitivo’ with Bellini drink under the patio of the Villa, looking upon the Square of the Reveletions – Thanks to Bellini Canella

Romantic Labyrinth

An opportunity to privately book the labyrinth for about 30 minutes toward the sunset to romantically ask the hand of your soul mate

for parties and events in the ancient hunting lodge…

Next to the Monumental Garden of Valsanzibio, facing on the Diana’s Pavilion, in ‘via Diana’, the street that take to the ancient Village of Valsanzibio. 
An elegant structure, ideal for conventions, business reunions, business meetings, birthday parties, marriages, expositions and a lot more.

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